About Voxx Carpet

Voxx Carpet is an important manifacturer in Turkey and in the world in terms of producing wall-to-wall, tufting and woven carpets with synthetic yarns.
By following the latest trends actively and adopting a flexible customer service-oriented approach; It has an important place in the market with its VOXX CARPET brand, which is both practical and suitable for home use and suitable for industrial use such as workplace and airport.
Our company, which established the first factory investment in 2001 in Gaziantep organized industrial zone, In 2017, setted up both machine carpet and Tufting carpet production facilities in its new facilities of 134.000 sqm in Gaziantep 5th Organized Industrial Zone, as well as a yarn dyeing facility with three different (Polip, polyester and warp) yarn production facilities. Thus, our company has a unique structure in the sector with variety from yarn production to yarn dyeing and from carpet weaving to tufting weaving and continues its activities as a fully integrated facility.
“Voxx Carpet”, the new brand of Gümüşoğlu Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., has started to be preferred more in European markets with its performance in the field of Tufting. Thus, by increasing its current market share, it has become a brand that presents added value in exports. Voxx Carpet, which continues to grow steadily in line with the principles of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, has started to grow reputation for itself more and more in target markets with its original and innovative designs.

Our Mission

Our company, with the principle of sustainable development, protecting our environment for future generations, weaving with original and innovative designs,

was established with the belief of generating value for our customers, employees and all our stakeholders by offering wall-to-wall carpets.

Our Vision

By becoming a world brand in tufting and piece carpet production with a competitive structure in new markets,

To be a world leader company that is the symbol of sustainability and change and makes a difference.

Our Values

Our company complies with the laws and ethical business standards, and carries out corporate activities in an impartial and ethical manner.

We contribute to the development of society through the production and export of high quality products.

We treat all employees of the Company fairly, respect their personalities, and pay attention to their health and safety.

We attach great importance to maintaining good relations with all our stakeholders.

We contribute to society as it is expected of a good corporate citizen.

We consider the impact of our business activities on the global environment very seriously and contribute to environmental protection initiatives.